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E3 2011 Re-Cap: Snakebyte Day 1

Day 1 of E3 2011 definitely lived up to the hype. And Snakebyte brought the goods as promised!

SnakebyteUSA Activity at the Booth

About three hours before visitors were allowed into the showroom, the lovely Stephanie started her transformation into the SnakeBabe! Exhibitors from other companies stopped in their tracks when they saw what was going on in our booth, and we don’t blame them. The body paint artist did a magnificent job turning Stephanie into a sexy, slithering snake for everyone to admire. The SnakeBabe turned even more heads when the attendees started flooding in. She couldn’t go more than five steps without people asking to take a picture with her! But that was fine because she enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone who approached her. Throughout the day, SnakeBabe walked the show with her QR code wrapped around her waist and passing out SnakeHead stickers and free 1 year ID Theft Security Protection coupons courtesy of Snakebyte.

SnakebyteUSA QRcode


Snakebyte to Unleash Breakthrough Bone Technology Headphones at E3

By Bob Speyer

Imagine using headphones that unblock your hearing, allowing you to hear both the game and your gaming partner. Using bone conduction technology that has been used successfully in military applications, snakebyte has adapted it to create a perfect audio fit for gamers to enhance their playing experience.

We all have experienced people strutting down the road with headphones that block out all ambient sound, who are completely oblivious to their surroundings. Well the game has changed courtesy of snakebyte. Their new SnakeBone Headphones have dual functionality – allowing the gamer to enjoy the audio while aware of their surroundings with the added advantage of being able to communicate with their gaming partners as well.