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Competition Ain’t Nuttin’… When Playing With The MiniMote

So my mom’s friend gave her a new Wii controller and my mom gave it to my brothers and me to try it out.  Here’s what we found out:

Danielle Reid:  I compete on the high school volleyball, track, soccer, swim and volleyball teams, so you can imagine that I’m very competitive and my boyfriend Chris thinks he can beat me in everything we do. WRONG!!!!!!  I have small hands so having a remote that fits into my hands perfect is a great feeling. I can get to all the buttons really easy and I found that my scores got better in the short time I played with it. So whether we play sports games, party games, Mario or Donkey Kong, the MiniMote has given me an advantage that Chris can’t use. Warning to Chris: next time we play, you better BRING IT, ‘cuz you’re going down!


MiniMote Scores Big with 9 ½ Year Old Natasha

I am 9 ½ years old and I have been playing Wii for the last two years with the regular controller from the box. My dad said that we were going to get a new smaller controller that was made for kids my size and I was very excited. I couldn’t wait to try it out. I didn’t know how the MiniMote would be any different from the regular controller.


Snakebyte™: Why We’re Not Just ‘Another’ Video Game Accessory Brand

When we first decided to get into the video game accessory business in the U.S. last October, we knew we were facing a tough task:  was there really a need for yet another third-party video game accessory company? Aren’t there already more than enough third-party accessory companies with lots of “me-too” product at all prices and qualities?  If the answer was ‘yes,’ how could we present ourselves and our accessories in a compelling way that would garner gamer awareness, testing and loyalty if they liked our brand?

snakebyte USA MiniMote Remote Control

snakebyte USA MiniMote Remote Control